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Every questions you might have

If your question is not in this list, you may contact us at:
Please always provide with your request the email you used to register, your exact username and country.
Please note that we operate on french timezone, and might not be available 24/7

I don't receive many Bottles. Why?

Bottles are meant to be rare and precious.
You should be receiving around 2-3 Bottles a day. This is to make sure that every received Bottle is valuable and precious, which lead to deeper conversations and great friendship.

Receivers of my Bottles do not open them. Why?

Every Bottles you send are received by someone who used the app within the past 24 hours, to increase the luck of active users.
Please take the different timezone of the receiver into account.
Some receivers might be sleeping when they received your Bottle, or they might simply be busy: give them time.

My Bottle stays unopened for a long time with the same user, what can I do?

If your bottle stays unopened with the same user for more than 24 hours, you can release it manually to another user from your page "My Bottle".
We plan on making this release automatic, soon.

My app does not load anymore, I am stuck with the white circle, what happens?

If you are stuck on infinite loading, please try to uninstall / reinstall the app, it should work fine after that.
Do not worry, your data are safe. Just make sure to remember your email / password so you can login again.

I send and receive many Bottles, I don't remember which user got which Bottle. Where is the Bottle that started the conversation?

You can find your kept bottles inside your treasure chest. Open your chat, then tap on the three dots at the top right corner, to find "open my treasure chest". There you will find the bottle that started the conversation.

I hear about reputation. What is it, how can I lose or win some?

Reputation helps differentiate users who send good content, from those who send inappropriate content. It allows you to unlock items, and even new features soon.
Every bottles you send that are kept, bring you one more reputation point.
On the other hand, if you get flagged and our monitoring team confirm the content as inappropriate, your reputation goes down to zero.

I have deleted a friend by accident, can you help me retrieve them?

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to retrieve deleted data.
However, the Parrot from your Merchant Ship might be able to help you with that.
It allows you to find a very specific user by their EXACT username (case sensitive) and country, if the user did not delete their account.

I cannot remember my password, what can I do?

In order to reset your password, you must first make sure that your registered email is a valid one that you have access to. Then, simply logout, and go to the Login page, where you will find a button "Forgot something? Reset your password". Tap on it, and it should send a temporary password to your email address, that you can then edit from your settings inside Bottled.

My old messages in my chat disappeared, what happened?

As of now, Bottled only allows you to store the latest 50 messages.
We are working on removing this limit so you can soon store all of them.
For now, if you want to keep a message safe forever, make sure to add it to your treasure chest by tapping on it.

My account says that I was banned for not respecting the terms of use, what happened?

This can happen for one of two reasons:
- You used a third party app like Lucky Patcher (or similar) to steal gold coins
- You sent inappropriate content in your Bottles, or in your chats.

Please refer to the ( Terms of Use ), article 6 "Restrictions" to understand better what you might have done wrong.
Please also note that "Follow me on instagram / add me on snapchat / subscribe to my youtube channel" are a form of ads, or self promotion, that are prohibited in Bottled if they add absolutely no value for the receiver.
We are always for second chance. Send us an email if you need assistance or if you feel like it was a mistake, and we will look into this together.

I just registered, and all I see is a white screen with a blue bar on the top, what can I do?

This is a random bug that happens once every thousands registration, we are still trying to fix this.
As of now, what you can do is clear the cache of your app (or uninstall/reinstall the app if you don't know how to), then register with another email.
You may send us an email at with your first registered email so we can fix this for you, unlock the email, and allow you to reuse this email later on if you wish.

Where can I get secret codes?

According to the pirate's legend, if you rate our Facebook page 5 stars and send us the screenshot at, you will be handsomely rewarded with a secret code worth 5 gold coins... ( )

The app is not translated in my language, why?

How we wish we could have it translated in every languages of the world.
We are currently working with many translators to help us with this.
If you feel like helping as well, do not hesitate to contact us, any help is welcome and greatly appreciated.

I set my age range from [20] to [25] years old, but I still receive Bottles from [18] years old. Why?

The age range settings is quite a new feature. In order to fully work it requires all users to have their app up to date. The sender might still use an old version, or might not have set their age, leading to this error.
But with time, it will all be working as expected!

What do you plan on improving in the next versions?

There is always room for improvements:

  • You will soon be able to customize your islands, your avatar
  • We will add sounds and music to the app for those who wish
  • Animation of throwing the Bottle into the ocean will be improved
  • The chat needs improvements and new features: smoother and faster opening. Sending stickers, gifs, will happen
  • In the chat and inside Bottles, you will be able to send voice and video messages

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